Pre-registering your Android Devices

Pre-registration is the process that allows you to assign your Android devices to your account so that you can skip the manual process of entering the enroll code on each device. Once your devices are preregistered, all you will need to do is to open

How do I know if I can pre-register my devices?

Preregistration is only available on Android. If you have access to the device's WiFi, Ethernet mac address or the device's serial number you can preregister your devices.

Do I need to preregister my devices?

If you are deploying large numbers of Android devices and have access to the WiFi or Ethernet Mac Addresses, or the serial number of the devices you will be enrolling, it is a good idea.

Preregister a large number of devices

You can make one file that will preregister all your devices so you will only have to worry about this once. Below are the steps.

  1. Get a .csv file from the device manufacturer containing all of your WiFi Mac address. If you don't have access to this it might take you longer to gather that information than to manually enter the enroll code on each device.
  2. Create an enrollment template via the Moki "Enroll" tab and copy your code.
  3. Configure your .csv file as seen in the image below.
    configure your csv
    • Put the Wi-Fi, Ethernet MAC or serial number in column A with no column header.
    • Put the enrollment code in column B for each device you want to enroll with that code

TIP: If you have multiple configurations (enrollment codes) you can list different codes

    • Put the Device nickname in column C (optional)
  1. Click your account name in the top right and select Preregistration

    pre registration section
  3. Click the +Import button on the right

    delete import
  5. Click the Choose CSV File button, select your file and hit Import

    choose csv file

NOTE:  You can pre-register up to 500 devices per each .csv file

Preregister a small number of devices

There is a very quick way to pre-register a small number of devices without creating a .csv file. This can be done for 1 device or several. 

  1. Click your account name in the top right and select Pre-registration

    pre registration screenshot
  3. Click the +Import button on the right

    delete import
  5. Click the Import Using Enrollment Code link on the bottom of the box

    import using enrollment code
  7. Select an enrollment code from the drop-down and type or paste in the complete MAC address or a serial number of your devices.

    import device for pre registration
  8. Click Import

Your devices are now preregistered and will enroll as soon as you open Moki Agent on the device with an active internet connection.

Steps to remove devices from preregistration

If you have the need to reset an Android device, for either testing or repurposing a device, there are two possible ways to accomplish this. Which method you choose depends on the state of your device and its connection to Moki at the time of performing the reset. 

  • If your Android device is communicating with Moki and is responding to commands, it is best to perform a factory reset through Moki. The reason for this is that Moki will also reset its relationship to that device ensuring that it will get apps pushed properly when it enrolls again. To do this:
    • Go to the device list
    • Find and select the device with which you are working
    • Go to the Actions menu and select ‘Factory Reset’
    • You will be asked a basic maths question which needs to be answered before you can send the reset command. This helps prevent accidental resets
    • After the device has received the reset command and is processing it, you may delete the device from your device list by selecting it and clicking on the trash can icon next to the action bar
  • If your device has lost communication with Moki, follow these steps:
    • Open Moki Agent on your device
    • Click on the “. . .” menu in the bottom right corner
    • Select “Remove Device Enrollment” and then exit Moki Agent
    • Open device settings
    • Go to “Backup & reset”
    • Click on “Factory data reset”
    • Click on “Reset tablet”
    • Go to Moki Control and click the Device list
    • Find the device from that list
    • Select the device and delete the device


You may have a need to move a device from one account to another without factory resetting the device. In this case, you have two options available to you. The first, and definitely the easiest method, is to use Moki’s “Re-enroll” action. The second method is to do it all at the device level.

  • Using Re-enroll action
    • Via device list
      • Select your device in the device list
      • Select “Re-enroll” from the action menu
      • In the text input enter a valid enrollment code for your account and click “Apply to selected”
      • The device will receive the command at the next heartbeat and will move itself to the new account along with any enrolled applications using the SDK. 
      • NOTE: If there are additional apps applied to the new enrollment code, they will be installed on the device upon re-enrollment and all existing apps will stay installed on the device.
    • If you have more than a few devices to you will want to do this via device groups scheduled action
      • Go to Device Groups and either create a new group for your needs or use an existing group
      • Click on “Create Action Sequence”
      • Create a new sequence with a “Re-enrollment” action containing a proper enrollment code
      • Schedule your action and if you have 2-person authorization enabled, be sure to have your sequence approved
      • The devices will be enrolled in the new code upon next heartbeat
  • Re-enrolling using device
    • On your device open Moki Agent
    • Click on the “. . .” menu
    • Click on “Remove Device Enrollment”
    • On the next screen enter the valid enrollment code for your new enrollment and submit that form
    • Your device will enroll in the new account