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How to Upload Notes to Devices

What is the Notes section?

Notes is a text input field that allows you to put notes about a device, such as store ID, deployment date, any issues the device has had. These notes live on the device record.

Where do I find Notes?

Notes are located in the device details. To access the device details go to the Devices tab, select your device and look to the right. There you'll see a tab called details. Scroll down in that tab to see the Notes section

How do I add Notes?

There are two way to add notes, device by device or in bulk. Here is how you would update Notes for each method

Update Notes on an individual device

  1. Select your device in the Devices tab
  2. Click the View or Add Notes button in the details section on the right

  4. Type your note and hit Save

Update Notes in Bulk

Updating devices in bulk requires creating a .csv containing two fields, the deviceId and the note. We'll format the .csv file and then populate it with the information we need.

  1. Create a new .csv document with the following column headers:
    • Column A title: deviceId
    • Column B title: notes
  2. Copy the deviceId over from the device list export
    • Click the device menu and select Download Device List

    • Open the spreadsheet and copy the ID column

    • Paste the ID column into column A of your new .csv
  3. Write the notes you want to show up into column B and save the .csv
  4. Click the device menu and select Upload Notes

  6. Click the Upload csv button and select your .csv file

  8. If it is successful you will see a success message, if not you will see an error message
  9. If it is successful refresh your browser and go back to the Notes section and click the View or Add Notes button to see the note 

These notes will overwrite anything you already have in the Notes section so if you have an existing note you will want to copy it over into this column before uploading