Changing MDM Servers with Apple DEP

If you need to change the DEP server for whatever reason here are the steps that you should follow: add a new MDM Server, assign existing devices to the new server, upload new server token to Moki, and create a new profile and assign it to the devices. We'll go over these steps in detail.

Step 1: Add a New MDM Server

  1. Login to Moki Total Control
  2. Click your account name in the top right and select Account Settings

  4. Scroll down to DEP Setup and click Download in step 1

  6. Click the link in step 2 for and login to your apple DEP account 

  8. Click on Device Enrollment Program

  10. Click on Add MDM Server on the right

  12. Give the server a name and hit Next

  14. Click Choose File and select the file you downloaded from Moki (cert.pem) and click Next

  16. Click Your Server Token to download the file and hit Done

  18. Go back to Moki and hit the Upload button in step 3

  19. Select the file you downloaded from Apple (.p7m file)
  20. When you refresh the page you will see checkmarks if the process was completed successfully

Step 2: Assign Existing Devices to New Server

  1. In your DEP account click on Manage Devices

  3. Select the serial numbers of the devices you want to move

  5. Under Choose Action select Assign to Server, select the MDM server you just created and hit Ok

  7. Go back to Moki and click on the Enroll tab and copy an existing enrollment code, or, hit the + button, select iOS and create a new one (then copy the 7 character enrollment code)
  8. Click on the DEP tab in the top navigation and select Profiles 

  10. Click the New Profile button

  12. Give the profile a name, paste in the Enrollment Code and choose the options you want the device to go through when it starts up. Anything you skip will turn that option OFF so make sure you do not skip location, then hit Save. The new profile will show up under the New Profile button

  14. Click the Devices tab that is within the DEP Window, next to the Profiles tab
  15. Select your existing devices and click on the Add Profile drop down and select the profile you just created and apply that to those devices


When you factory reset the device it will enroll in your account and get any apps, profiles and tags contained in your Enrollment template