Using Dropbox to Host Video and Image Content on MokiTouch 2 Android

MokiTouch 2 now supports Dropbox to host your content. 


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get started: 


1. Log in to your Dropbox account. 

2. Select the "+" icon to upload your content to Dropbox. 

3. Once that finishes, highlight the file. Once highlighted, a "Share" icon should appear. 



4. Copy the provided URL.


5. Next you will need to format your link with the following changes

      1) Change 'www' to 'dl'
      2) Delete the querystring '?dl=0'

      Example Original Link:
      Example Modified Link: 

6. Paste the edited URL into the MokiTouch 2 "Content List" and/or the "Screensaver Content List Setup" settings in Moki Total Control. Select "Save" to apply your settings. 

(Important: For the screensaver, make sure that the "Reset when Idle For" option is set to a specified time and that the "On Reset Go To" option is set to "Screensaver". 


8. Done! Several videos can be added to MokiTouch 2 using the above method. 



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