How to Use Tag Synching

What you can do with Tag Synching

In MokiTouch 2 for iOS Moki has enabled a feature that allows device administrators to create tags containing metadata and apply them to devices in such a way that the tag's metadata is passed through MokiTouch 2 for consumption by the web application set up to display in MokiTouch 2. Use of these tags requires a custom web application that can read and react to HTTP headers passed as part of the website request.
The benefit of this is that you can create tags for your device fleet that helps the display of content be more aware of its context. For example you could set up informational kiosks for a mall, library, airport, etc. You might like to have the device show nearby attractions or services. You could create a tag in Moki that you could apply to your devices to specify their location in your facility. Each device could be deployed with a unique tag applied, this tag is passed to your web application, and your web application changes the content to be relevant to the kiosk such as nearby stores, restaurants, restrooms, etc. There are many more use cases and they are only limited by your creativity and ability to code an experience that takes advantage of this feature.

How it would work

Example: Mall
Devices: 4
Locations: Northwest corner, Northeast corner, Southwest corner, Southeast corner
Goal: Adjust displayed content to be contextual to the device location within your spaces including a food court and your shopping concourse
Tags needed:
  • Tag 1 label: NW Corner
  • Tag 1 meta: nw
  • Tag 2 label: NE Corner
  • Tag 2 meta: ne
  • Tag 3 label: SW Corner
  • Tag 3 meta: sw
  • Tag 4 label: SE Corner
  • Tag 4 meta: se
  • Tag 5 label: Food Court
  • Tag 5 meta: food
  • Tag 6 label: Shopping
  • Tag 6 meta: shop

Device implementation

Device 1
  • Located in the NW Corner of the Foodcourt
  • Tags: NW Corner, Foodcourt
  • Header:Moki-Tag-Meta: nw,food
Device 2
  • Located in the NE Corner of the Foodcourt
  • Tags: NE Corner, Foodcourt
  • Header: Moki-Tag-Meta: ne,food
Device 3
  • Located in the SW Corner of Shopping
  • Tags: SW Corner, Shopping
  • Header: Moki-Tag-Meta: sw,shop
Device 4
  • Located in the Se Corner of Shopping
  • Tags: Se Corner, Shopping
  • Header: Moki-Tag-Meta: se,shop
Web application must be designed to take contents from "Moki-Tag-Meta" header and display content accordingly. 
This approach can make large deployments of devices where you want slightly different, contextual content to display a much easier task to manage.

How to Create Tags with Metadata

You can add metadata to an existing tag or create a new tag. Follow these steps to get tags with metadata.

  • Click on the Tags tab
  • Hit the plus icon and add a tag or select an existing tag
  • On the right click on Tag Metadata and add your data and hit Enter


How to get Tag Syncing to Work

  • Apply the tag to the device (this can be done by going to the devices tab, selecting the device and adding the tag in the tag section on the right)

  • Go to MokiTouch 2 settings and turn on Tag Syncing in the first section

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