Manager "Rabbits" Release

Today, we’re announcing the latest product release, “Rabbits.” This Manager-only release has numerous improvements to Follow Me Support screens with a few other usability fixes as well. The details are below.

Follow Me Support (usability): The Web gets an entirely-new interface that provides added device details and an improved experience. Easily switch between existing sessions and scrub through them to see just the right moment. The functionality of Follow Me remains unchanged, but the experience is much-improved.

Follow Me Support - Updated Interface

Managed Apps Filter (bug): A small bug in the ability to filter by managed app version was fixed.

Device Account Migration (usability): For embedded customers using Manager-enabled devices from the factory, the device account migration interface has been improved to remove iOS devices and checked-out Android devices (since neither can be migrated).

Device Pre-Registration via MAC Address (feature): Embedded customers can now upload a list of MAC addresses to auto-enroll devices under their account once they come online. This feature is only available for Android devices.

WiFi Policy Error (Bug): A bug with applying WiFi policies with non enterprise credentials was fixed. 

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