Manager and Tracker "Dysentery" Release

*This was released August 14. 2014

Product Release: Manager and Tracker Updates

Today’s release will mark the beginning of our return to a 2-week development cycle.

As you may recall, our development team is using gaming themes for their product releases in 2014. This one goes old-school by bringing us all back to our 1980′s Apple IIe roots with the green screen “educational” game, The Oregon Trail. But, instead of calling it Oregon Trail, they have chosen Dysentery. Ahh… elementary school.

Back to the release. See below for details on each product.

Moki Tracker

Device Log Enhancements

  • Public IP address from devices
  • Bundle ID (iOS) and Package ID (Android)
  • Vendor ID (iOS)

SDK Demo App (Android)

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

SDK Install App

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Alert Details Page

Tracker Alert Details Page

Click to View

Session Details Page

Session Detail Page

 Click to View

Usability and Optimization

  • Pagination and sorting tools
  • Improved load times for a snappier experience

Moki Manager

Tenant Migration

  • For our partner tenants with the Moki software embedded into the firmware of their devices, this will allow the migration of devices from one account to another.
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