Manager "Scheduled App Settings" Release

*This was released June 4, 2014

New Feature: Scheduled App Settings

With in-store kiosks or digital signage, marketers want control over the content displayed to make sure it is relevant and timely. Customers who are using Moki’s app operations platform in conjunction with a Moki-enabled app can now schedule app settings groups on a recurring basis.

What that means is a restaurant, for example, can set up a digital menu to automatically change from breakfast to lunch and then to dinner. They can even schedule a blank screen to appear during off hours or simply set up a screensaver. And, that entire schedule can be set up remotely and updated via our Web-based dashboard.

Use Case: After-hours vehicle service scheduling

Why don’t we walk through an example I’ve set up. Let’s say the service center at your local Subaru dealer wants to install a kiosk at their front desk to allow after-hours appointment scheduling. During service hours, the kiosk will simply act as a digital brochure or signage, but when service center is closed, customers can still walk up and schedule an appointment.

Using Scheduled Actions, the service manager can set up the following schedule.



Let’s look closer at each of these daily recurring steps. Starting at 7:30 am, all devices with the “Moki” tag will change to show as a digital brochure. At 7:40 am, it then sends a screenshot up to our management dashboard for verification — cool, right?

Then, at closing (5:00 pm), the kiosk automatically switches to the after-hours experience with a screensaver and a form to schedule a service appointment. As you can see, the time is configurable based on your specific time zone.

See it in action

What can be scheduled?

The nuts and bolts of this revolve around our App Settings Management (ASM) functionality that can be added to any iOS or Android app using the Moki SDK. Once your developer maps your app settings to our SDK, your own app can be controlled remotely via scheduled actions. The following app actions can be scheduled on a daily recurring basis or as a one-time sequence:

  • Get device logs
  • Take screenshot
  • Get device location
  • Check device compliance
  • Apply a specific saved settings group

We have heard this request many times from customers, prospects and partners. The ability to apply a group of saved settings programmatically is something that will greatly help those customers who are looking to automate their kiosk experience.

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