MokiManage "Hadoken" Release

*This was released on March 13, 2014 

Moki Manager “Hadoken” Release Notification

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest release of Moki Manager. Dubbed “Hadoken”, this release has a number of new features and bug fixes. Lets dive right in.

New Features

  • Moki Manager: With our upcoming Tracker app security product, it was determined that we should keep the two products separate, so the new name of the tool you have been using is “Manager”. A new login screen and logo will appear throughout.
  • Device List Optimizations: Numerous changes to the back-end management has resulted in the ability to speed up device list sorting on both the MDM and app management lists.

Bug Fixes

  • Device Maps: Added improved ability to zoom in far enough to see individual devices that are grouped together.
  • Search Filters: Fixed instances where the default MDM list view was including all devices (checked-in and checked-out) and the reliability of other MDM device filters were also improved.
  • MDM Profiles: Changes to WiFi settings are saving appropriately now.


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