Moki Total Control Release August 13 2015

We are pleased to announce our latest release of Moki Total Control. This release contains a key update for device analytics, some MokiTouch 2 for iOS improvements, and general bug fixes. Here is an overview of some of the features you can leverage:

  • Added metric selection to Insights “Top” Reports allows you to choose which metric you would like to focus on in your view as well as helpful tooltips.
  • MokiTouch 2:
    • Add page loading indicator on pages (iOS)
    • Show/Hide status bar setting (iOS)
    • Block Disallowed Links (iOS)
    • Fixed black bar on screensaver (Android)
    • Added analytics tracking (Android)
  • Back end updates to enhance infrastructure
  • Android profile enhancements including bluetooth and more wifi controls
  • Various bug fixes
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