Moki Total Control Release 6/3/15

We are pleased to announce our latest release of Moki Total Control. This release is full of features aimed at improving your ability to support your devices. Here is an overview of some of the features you can leverage:
  • Device Groups: As the name suggests, this feature allows you to create groups of devices based on device and app attributes.  The best part about this feature is that it enables dynamic group membership based on rules you define.  Additionally using Device Groups really makes scheduling actions a snap. Be sure to check out this awesome new feature (iOS, Android).
  • DEP: Now you can manage your Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) devices directly in Moki Total Control. Upload CSV lists from your DEP account or enter serial numbers directly. Our solution allows you to set up different enrollment configurations for your DEP devices. (iOS)
  • Remote Control: Moki now gives you the power to reach out and visually control a single device as though you were standing in front of it. We provide direct integration with your desktop keyboard, gesture controls, pinch zoom in/out, and selectable bandwidth consumption. (Select Android devices are supported and require Moki Manage Android 2.2.2+)
  • File Management: Allows you to upload individual files to a device while in a Remote Control Session. You can also download files directly from a device. (Select Android devices are supported and require Moki Manage Android 2.2.2+)
  • New MDM action type “Change Device Settings” allows iOS users to toggle Voice Roaming, Data Roaming, and Hotspot on/off (iOS)
  • Mobile Enrollment pages updated
  • New columns added as options in mdm: Enroll Code, Data Pairs (custom data), MAC address
  • Confirmation added when assigning Global Proxy profiles
  • Able to copy existing profiles
  • Able to rearrange mdm columns
Bug Fixes:
  • Newly enrolled devices will auto appear at the top of the device list highlighted in blue
  • Scheduled Actions for installing iOS apps works (managed app config is being sent properly)
  • No i’s, 0’s, L's, or o’s in enrollment codes
  • Unapproved app alert fixed (edited)
Check updated training documents on these new features to be released shortly. Thank you.
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