Moki Total Control Updated User Interface

On March 4, 2015 Moki is making several improvements to the user interface for Moki Total Control including new features. Check out the summary below.


Gearing up for improvements in device analytics, Moki has updated the device dashboard with a cleaner, more focused layout and one that can be more easily expanded as new metrics are added in the future. 


Also note that the dashboard chart segments are now live links so clicking a section in your alerts will take you to a filtered devices list which shows only those devices in the corresponding alert state.


Device List


The device list boasts several new features:

  • Most notably the device filter controls have been moved from the left side of the list to the top. These controls can be easily hidden or displayed by clicking on the "Filters" link.
  • Also new is the selected filters controls that are visible even when the main filter controls are hidden so that you can readily see the filtering criteria for your list.
  • Device search allows you to search on device name, serial number, or wifi mac address.
  • Columns in the device list are now configurable both in terms of the visible columns as well as the display order and column width (resizable)
  • When you click on a particular device you will notice the device information tabs interface is cleaned up and the device action history is now visible as an easy to access tab.

iOS Profiles

There are a few important changes to iOS profile management. First note that we have removed policy level in order to simplify management profiles. All iOS profiles with policies created in Apple Configurator are still supported, but policies are no longer required. You are able add more than one profile per device. We have improved app lock restrictions for iOS. Please note that this change does not effect profiles that are already applied to devices, meaning that if the device has a profile with multiple policies, both policies will still be in effect until you remove the profile and reapply the newly created profiles.


There are some changes to how iOS profiles are managed in Moki Total Control. First you will note a navigation change. The profile setting navigation has been moved above the settings inputs. 

New Android Profiles

With this release Moki is adding a new feature to Total Control; Android Profiles. This is the foundation for a new set of functionality that will grow in coming releases to control Android device settings. The first such setting is for wifi. You will now be able to remotely configure wifi profiles including updating device passwords (one important note is that you must change the wifi password in the device before the network password is changed, failure to do so will prevent you from connecting to the device). 



As you can see there are a lot of helpful changes in this new release. To see official release notes click here

* One last note, you have probably noticed a new navigation item in the above screenshots called "Device Groups". This is a feature currently in development and which will be released soon. We will have more details on it at that time.

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