Moki Total Control - Release Notes 2/20/2015


  • Android Profiles - Create/edit/delete profiles
    • Wi-Fi profile type allows for definition of SSID, security type, and password for Wi-Fi networks
  • Redesigned Devices tab
    • Made some UI changes to improve usability
  • Improved load times and performance
    • Simplified iOS Profiles
  • Removed policy level in order to simplify management profiles
    • iOS profiles with policies created in Apple Configurator are still supported
      • Improved app lock restrictions
    • Redesigned Dashboard
  • Added new Total Control metrics including Digital Interactions (requires version 2.2 of Moki Manage Android)


  • Android apps can be uploaded without requiring .apk in app name
  • Screenshot link now loads screenshots
  • Fuzzy search on Switch Accounts modal

For a visual feature review go to Moki Total Control Updated User Interface.

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