Manager is Now Moki Total Control


Thank you for being a valued Moki Customer. I hope that you and your business are prospering. 
In the last few months, we went through a rebranding effort to more accurately communicate our vision and value. Please check out our new website at What we heard from you is that you would like to have Total Control over your Customer Facing Devices. Based on that feedback, we launched Moki Total Control, which is the sum of Management, Security, and Analytics for Customer Facing Devices and for the apps running on them. 
As part of the rebranding, next time when you log on to and land on the Moki dashboard, you will notice that the top right hand corner is labeled, "Moki Total Control" instead of "Manager" and the top left hand corner is labeled, "Moki Management" instead of "MDM". 
Our product rebranding and refinement efforts will be completed by March 31st, 2015. As a result, you will find Moki Total Control more reliable, easier to use, and with increased functionality. 
I appreciate your continued business. 


Chander Chawla
Vice President, Marketing and Product Strategy 
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