Product Release - December 22, 2014

We’re pleased to announce that several updates to our platform went live. Here are some highlights.

New Features/Enhancements:

  • Show Android App Name: For pre-installed .apk’s (from the factory), we are now properly displaying the app name and not just the file name.
  • Partner Device Migration: MokiManage Android will now allow account migration from one account to another.
  • Unique Enrollment Codes: Expanded the error checking to ensure enrollment codes are unique.
  • Chunking Bulk Action Requests: When actions are performed on a large number of devices, we now make a single request and report on the status as a group.
  • Counting Bulk Action Requests: Additional enhancements were made to better count actions performed and status.

Defects Fixed:

  • Removing Managed APK’s: Customers were unable to remove managed Android apps from devices using MDM protocols. This has been fixed and managed .apk’s can now be successfully removed from a device.
  • Managed App Version: The version number of managed apps was not appearing when the app was installed from the factory — this has been remedied. App versions installed from the Web interface were unaffected by this bug.
  • Parse APK Files in Library: Android apps are now properly parsed and processed to extract key info when added to the app library.
  • Uploading Apple Configurator Profiles: Configurator profiles were timing out on upload and removal disallowed setting was ignored. These have both been remedied.
  • Various Usability Fixes: Spinners, icons and other non-critical functions were fixed.
  • Search Custom Data Fields: Custom data fields from the app were not searchable in Manager
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