MokiManage "Whitney" Release (4/5/13)


  • Approved App Version Alert: A new alert has been created to allow you to specify which versions of your app are approved. When a device is detected to have something other than those versions, you can be notified via a configured alert.
  • Last-known SSID: The latest SDK will now report the last-known SSID up to the Web. In the near future, we will be enabling alerts based on this data.
  • Unenroll Android when Deleted: When an Android device is removed from the server, it now mimics iOS by unenrolling that device at the device-level. 
  • Log Data Overwritten: When a device reports back its logs (Battery, Connectivity, Memory, Process Usage), it is now only reporting back any data that was previously unreported. 
  • Android Enrollment Templates: We have restored the companion app install with Android enrollment templates.  
  • Connectivity Alert: Connectivity alerts will now clear automatically with the next successful heartbeat. 
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