MokiManage "Hunter" Release (3/20/13)

An optimization and foundational release that prepares for several noteworthy features. It also contains sizeable enhancements to our app SDK's. 


  • OS Root Detection: Alerts can now be created to show of the OS was rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iOS)
  • App Communication Protocol: The method by which tenant apps receive actions was completely changed to more reflect MDM. 
  • App Heartbeat: Tenant apps will call home hourly and send basic device info (logs, device info, AEM info, location)
  • Delete Saved Searches: Saved searches can now be deleted
  • Action History on Tenant Apps: Tenant apps can now display action history, but counting and such will not be accurate until the latest SDK's are embedded into their apps. 
  • Configurable Battery Alerts: Our first configurable alert and sets the stage for additional configurable alerts.
  • Screenshots on Android: Added to the SDK


  • Devices should no longer say n/a on initial enroll. 
  • New enrollment screens now function and look pretty on smaller devices
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