MokiManage "Shasta" Release (11/14/13)

  • Compliance Action: Check compliance app action can be requested from the server to determine compliance.
  • Compliance Alerts: An alert can be configured to notify on compliance check failure. 
  • MDM Device Filter: A new filter is on the MDM device list to hide "Checked-out" devices. The intent of this is to clean up duplicate devices and devices that are no longer important. 
  • Upload .ipa Files: MDM customers can now upload their .ipa file (iOS app) and deliver enterprise apps from our system instead of hosting them remotely.
  • MDM Profile Name: New iOS MDM enrollments will inherit the MDM profile name from the name of the enrollment template. 
  • MokiTouch 2 Released: Tenant app added to all customers and the iOS version of the app added to all libraries. Tooltips are now displayed as subtext on the settings screens. 
  • ASM Interface: Fixed layout issues from fluid app layout release.
  • Profile Removal: iOS profiles can be removed from devices -- even if the profile has been removed from the customer's profile library.
  • Scheduled MDM Actions: Time zone is now saving consistently.
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