MokiManage "White Mountain" Release (9/18/13)


  • Main Dashboard: Added collapsible sections (Compliance and Overall) with drag-drop reordering. 
  • Copy Stacktrace Log: Added a button to the app dashboards stack trace logs to copy the log to the clipboard.
  • Configurable App Tabs: Customers can now re-order the tabs (Compliance, Dashboard, Settings, Details) and show/hide ones they don't need. 
  • App Alerts: The alerts column was added to the app device list, showing relevant app-specific alerts.
  • iOS7 Features: Airplay support, app feedback loop and default app configuration.


  • Open-in Link from MDM List: This link now auto-selects the device when landing on the app device list.
  • App Dashboard Optimizations: Optimized the dashboard Javascript to dramatically improve performance and reduce widget load times.
  • International Characters in Saved Settings: The saved settings groups will now correctly save international characters.
  • Custom Alerts on Dashboard: Any custom app alerts will now appear on the alerts widget of the dashboard.
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