MokiManage "Harvard" Release (5/1/13)


  • Bulk Alert Clearing Limit: Due to the nature of the alert system, we a 50 device limit is now enforced on bulk alert clears. 
  • Always Show Device Name: If a device is given a nickname, there was no easy way to see what the actual on-device name was. That will now remain a static field in the device details section. 


  • Under some circumstances, app heartbeats were happening every other hour. This has now been fixed and heartbeats are happening hourly.
  • Filtering by profiles on the device list was not working properly, but has been fixed.
  • N/A and sporadic device info issues have been fixed. 
  • It was only possible to zoom in/out on the dashboard map with mouse actions. The map now includes zoom in/out buttons. 
  • "Loading…" messages have been swapped for spinners. 
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