MokiManage "Wilson" Release (9/5/13)


  • iOS 7 Features: Device lock message, hotspot enabled, allow open in managed/unmanaged
  • Billing Email: Support screen now exposes the billing email for billing inquiries.
  • UI Enhancements: The revised header includes app icons to help differentiate between apps and MDM lists, tenant apps have blue background and there is now an "Open-In" button to navigate to tenant apps from the MDM device list.
  • Alert Emails: The alert emails now include the raw URL taking them to the device. This is helpful for helpdesk situations.
  • Android SDK: Added compliance features
  • iOS SDK: Added compliance features


  • Android SDK: Fixed cellular log data 
  • iOS SDK: Fixed issue with app lag during low connectivity events
  • Enrollment Device Counts: Exact counts have been unreliable, so they were removed and a link placed there taking you to the current list of enrolled devices under that code. 
  • Failed Compliance Widget: if vulnerabilities are turned off, they are hidden from view on the widget.
  • Alerts: Optimized alerts and fixed many instances where alerts were firing erroneously. 
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