MokiManage "Longs" Release (8/20/13)


  • Compliance Monitoring App: We have released an app for iOS and Android that will monitor device compliance. These features will be added to the SDK in the coming releases. 
  • Beta Feature Access: Under special conditions, a customer can request access to beta features in MokiManage. 
  • Upload iOS Profiles: Profiles created offline using Apple Configurator can be uploaded and managed.


  • App Lock: Applying app lock profiles to multiple devices is again functional.
  • App Lock Policy Note: We are making users better aware of the restrictions behind app lock policies.
  • Firefox Bug: Could not add profiles using Firefox. It's fixed now.
  • Add Policies to New Profiles: New profiles can now set new policies.
  • Inventory Tab Loading Spinner: Sometimes the contents of the inventory tab (apps, managed apps, profiles) takes a long time. We now show a spinner to indicate that content is loading.
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