MokiManage "Evans" Release (8/12/13)


  • App Alerts Include Link to Device: Any app-derived alerts will contain the name of the app as well as a link directly to that device in the tenant app.
  • Device Re-enroll: Re-enrolling a device will preserve the previously-assigned tags. 
  • App Library: Refreshes iTunes versions when refreshing the screen.
  • Compliance Rules: Tenant app administrators can manage the compliance rules for their app.
  • Custom APNS Message: iOS apps can receive custom APNS messages.
  • Highlight Key App Events: Additional events in the app timeline are now shown (App restarts, lost connectivity, SSID change, location change).
  • Screenshot Rotation: The orientation of the screenshot will be maintained. 
  • Support Code: The concept of a support code is in the SDK and available on the device and searchable in MokiManage to a quick device lookup (SDK required).
  • iOS and Android SDK: Heartbeat timing, submitting additional metadata, adding tags after enrollment
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