MokiManage "Crestone" Release (6/12/13)


  • Editing Enrollment Templates: Existing enrollment templates can now be edited to keep up-to-date with the latest app version or profiles. 
  • Editing Device Nickname in Tenant Apps: Device nicknames can now be edited from tenant apps and flow everywhere in the app (MDM, tenant apps)
  • APNS Details/Warning: The details of the customer's APNS certificate are now shown. Within 30 days of expiry, the notification flyout will warn them.
  • Show Alerts Facet: The device list now contains a list of all individual alerts to allow filtering based on specific alerts seen on the dashboard.
  • Android Logs Show App Uptime: Android logs now include app uptime and crash data -- requires latest SDK to be embedded.
  • Refresh Device History: If you're actively looking at a specify device's action history, there is a refresh link to see status updates on action requests.


  • All Devices Scheduled Actions: A clear warning message now appears to encourage testing and care when using this group.
  • Device Nickname in Column Header: The column header in the device list now says "Device Name or Nickname" so customers are aware it could be either.
  • International Addresses: Changed fields to allow international address/phone info on an account. 
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