MokiManage "North Palisade" Release (10/1/13)


  • Processes Details: The current processes (iOS only) is now clickable to show the list of current processes. The widget shows the high/low and averages during the time period. 
  • Color-coded Timeline Key: The AEM dashboard timeline now features a key for each of the points shown in the slider. 



  • Alerts Dashboard Widget: When there were large numbers of devices/alerts, the click to view didn't work. This is now fixed.
  • View Device Link in Alert Email: Revised format to ensure consistent function.
  • Viewer Permissions: The Viewer role wasn't being allowed to go to tenant apps. This has now been fixed.
  • Columns Displayed in Tenant Apps: Because we added the tenant app alert column, we have reduced the viewable columns in the device list to 3. 
  • Clearing Alerts: The alert icons weren't clearing consistently from the MDM and AEM device lists. We are now reliably clearing those icons from view once the alert is cleared.
  • Deleted Devices: Alerts will no longer process for deleted devices.
  • Android Screenshots: Timestamps were causing them to be out-of-order. We are standardizing on the server-acknowledged time.
  • Lock the Home Button: This policy no longer works with iOS7, so we added a note on the profile creation screen to indicate it will not work with iOS7 devices.
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