MokiManage Android Updates (6/13)

If you have recently added a new Android device to your account you should have noticed that the MokiManage App settings have changed. 

In this article you will learn some of the differences as well as new features that will enhance your MokiManage experience. We'll go section by section.

WARNING: If you use MokiTouch, DO NOT UPGRADE at this time as this version of MokiManage is not compatible with the latest version of MokiTouch. An upgrade will be available shortly.

General Settings

These features have been removed

  • Boot Application 

  • Auto Lock (Replaced with a better named feature "Keep this device awake in Kiosk Mode")

These features have been added

  • Boot into Kiosk Mode

  • Hide the navigation bar in Kiosk Mode

  • Keep this device awake in Kiosk Mode


Explanation of how the features are used

Boot into Kiosk Mode - Launches your Kiosk Settings, Background Images and Kiosk Apps. If the device is reset then it will boot automatically into Kiosk Mode, bypassing the normal home screens. 

Note: When "Boot into Kiosk Mode" is ON the device will run a series of checks, if "Single Application Mode" is ON it will immediately boot into that app and stay in that app. 

Keep this device awake in Kiosk Mode - When turned ON the device will not go to sleep. When it is Off the device's sleep and lock settings have the control.

Hide the navigation bar in Kiosk Mode - When turned ON the navigation bar will be removed entirely, even within an app. When turned OFF the navigation bar displays the time. Inside an app it displays the back button, allowing them to get back to the Kiosk set of apps.

Single Application Mode - Launches a single app. You will want to turn "Boot into Kiosk Mode" ON that way if the device has to be restarted at any point it will boot to the app listed in "Single Application Mode." (See the above note on "Boot into Kiosk Mode")

Reboot Time - Sets when you want the device to reboot on a daily basis.

Kiosk Settings

Kiosk Settings has been broken out into several different sections for the "Background Images" and "Web Clips."


Explanation of how the features are used

Kiosk Mode Password - When attempting to access the settings of MokiManage from Kiosk Mode on the device, a password will be required.

Kiosk App Order - Allows you to order them alphabetically or by the default order.

Background Images

You can have multiple images that rotate through in your kiosk. MokiManage does not host your images, they will need to be hosted elsewhere and the URL pasted in the field.

Explanation of how the features are used

Add New - Select this button and place the image URL in the field. Select this option to add more than one image as well.

Background Rotation Interval - If you have more than one image you can choose how long the image will display before moving on to the next one. 

Web Clips

Currently they are not working. We are working on a fix. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Kiosk Apps

This has not been changed. It gives you a list of all the apps you can use in your kiosk. These are only apps that are currently on your device. If you want to see an app that is not on this list then you can push the app to your device through Simply grab the .APK file or download it to the device from the store.





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